From a 13-year-old

I believe writing was always something that resonated with me. At a very young age, I got the hang of writing with the help of my older sister. Thereafter, I took a course in high school that was focused on writing alone. It made me think outside the box and helped me develop my vocabulary. Although, I still find myself running for a thesaurus whenever possible, I believe I learned a lot about writing and about myself.

Here is something that was meant to be published in a book when I was much much younger. I just never filled out the paperwork because they had spelled my name incorrectly and because I thought it meant they would publish this regardless of my filling out the paperwork. Alas! They did not… but I still got a copy of my short story and I want to share it here!


I ran. I didn’t know where to go and who to trust, but I ran. Ran away from there. Thousands of things were running through my mind. It was hard to believe that my world was crashing down. My so-perfect life was no perfect anymore. It was very far away from being perfect now. I hid behind a tree trunk, trying to hide from the wild cat that had just killed my best friend. I sat still with my head in my knees. Hardly breathing now. The night hugged me like a pointed blanket. For if i move the blanket would make me bleed. The wind growled and roared like a lion. I heard crunching of leaves. what could it be? The cat? Oh no! The sound was getting closer and closer. It felt as if I were getting stabbed in my hand. I was frozen. Then there was a moment of silence. As I took my head off my knees and stared into the darkness, I saw two great, big, yellow eyes starting straight at me. For once I wanted to get up and run. but if i did that, those eyes would surely kill me. But indeed the bright yellow eyes saw me. They got closer and closer. The cat growled a spine-tingling growl. I felt like screaming, but nothing came out of my mouth. The cat scratched me hard. I could see the blood; it was creeping as if an insect was inching down my arm, but then i saw it. It was a wide-awakening, vivid light. It made the wild cat run away, leaving me jittery. The beams of the light shone into my eyes. I heard someone calling me. I was startled and looked around; I was in my room. my best friend was yelling, “Sara, get up!”

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