Playlist of my Life


Music makes the people come together!


I have always connected with people through music sharing. Not only have I found amazing gems but  I have opened my mind to a diverse array of music.  Here are some tracks (and links) that really are the songs of my life. I will never get bored of listening to these tracks, and they will always be on my mind when choosing to listen to music.

Share a favourite of yours! Comment below!

Almost all my friends have been introduced to the following song, and almost all have loved it. A really close friend of mine introduced this track to me in high school, and I have loved it since then.

No Turning Back – Gui Boratto

Many of my lifetime favourite songs have been introduced to me by my friends in high school. I feel like that was the time in my life where I listened to and appreciated music the most. This next song is not for everyone, but it’s one of my all time favourites.

I Think of You – Made by Monkeys

There’s something about this next song that just digs deep into my insides and plays with my emotions. It’s the continuous build up of the song, absolutely brilliant. This one time I was meeting up with a friend and we were both listening to music – him as he was making his way to my place and me as I was waiting for him. We both took our headphones off and realized we were both listening to the same track – Sun in your Eyes. It was a moment of true appreciation.

Sun in Your Eyes – Above and Beyond

I have always been a Coldplay fan since I was introduced to their album X&Y. I was a bit too young to have been introduced to their album Parachutes when it first came out but one of my all time favourite tracks is Yellow from Parachutes.

Yellow – Coldplay

Having been introduced to Tiesto and his In Search of Sunrise mixes was a blessing! I came across so many different artists whose tracks Tiesto mixed in his ISOS series. This track below has been one of my favourite tracks that I have stumbled upon listening to ISOS.

Touch Me – Rui da Silva

This next song I stumbled upon randomly but it really only reminds me of one era. The times when I used to go to raves with my friends and we would sit in the parking lot at a Loblaws and just play music. It was an amazing time. No regrets.

Medicine – Daughter

Growing up I actually listened to a lot of rock, alternative, and indie music. And one of the many songs that always had a home in my heart was this next song. It truly spoke to me as a teenager and I was obsessed. A lesson to be learned. Words to live by.

Be Yourself – Audioslave

This next song will always take me back to my trip to New York City with my friends from Toronto. I drove most of the way there and most of the way back. We had many conversations in the car but music was top priority and this song was replayed a lot.

Help me Lose My Mind – Disclosure feat. London Grammar

A lot of my songs on this list really just take me back to my teenage years. This next song was also introduced to me by my best friend in high school. In fact, before I left Windsor for Toronto, he created my a CD with a bunch of his most memorable songs and I remember listening to that CD religiously. This song truly stuck out.

Escape – Deep Dish

Another song I came across while listening to Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise mixes is this following song. It will always stand out because of the amazing vocals by Leah.

Wasted – Andy Duguid feat. Leah

Studying with music was always something that I tried to avoid, but hardly ever did I ever accomplish that goal. So instead, I searched for music that was more mellow and soft. This song was introduced to me by a friend and really always just takes me back to the books.

Passion – Uppermost

There are always too many emotions involved when it comes to Above and Beyond and I feel that this song (of the many songs) has made me the most emotional about everything and everyone significant in my life.

Good for Me – Above and Beyond

My oldest sister was probably one of the first outlets to bring in electronic music to my life. There was this summer in Windsor when we hung out with her friends, us siblings and this song was played numerous times and it really stuck to me. There was a part of this song that used to be my alarm clock and everyone morning I would awaken to it. Bliss.

Late Summer Fields (Deeper Sunrise Remix) – Alucard and Solarstone

Along with Tiesto, Armin was an absolute obsession of mind in high school. I believe one of the first tracks that I was introduced to was this mix of Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren’s song Light the Skies. Of course, I loved everything Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren, but I also loved everything Armin touched. He turned it into gold! One does not simply listen to any mix of this song except this one that I have linked.

Light The Skies (Retrobyte Classic Electrobounce) – Cerf, Mitiska, Jaren

My best friend’s best friend, who later became my best friend as well, will always be remembered when it comes to listening to Kaskade, probably because he was super obsessed with Kaskade back in the day. Any song that I listen to now, I am always reminded of him. But this song really resonates with me outside of that as well. There’s just something about the vocals that take me away.

4am – Kaskade

Speaking of being taken away. Another song from my teenage years that sends me some place nice is this track by 4 Strings. I don’t think I listened to 4 Strings much, but this track has seen a lot of replays.

Take me Away (Deadmau5 Remix) – 4 Strings

This is an oldie and one of my favourite go-to songs when I’m not in a particular mood for a certain song. It’s just light and fluffy.

Need to Feel Loved (Adam K and Soha Vocal Mix) – Reflekt

This song was always on replay the summer before I came to Toronto for University.

Summer Calling – Andain feat. Tiesto

Give me a soundtrack of your life! Comment below!

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