Checking off the Summer Bucket List

Yesterday, I checked off one of the eight things on my “end of summer bucket list“. It’s kind of sad how chilly it’s getting and so fast. Today is only September 3rd and already our summer nights have become fall nights. Where does the time go?

I took the trip to Centre Island here in Toronto with a few friends to check out the William Meany Maze. We walked from our friends’ place to the docks to board the ferries. It’s not that expensive, I believe for $7.50 you get a round trip from the Island. If you go on a weekday like we did, you won’t come across too much of a rush, even though I feel like people are taking advantage of the last few warm days we have and going on weekdays more than before.

We got on the ferry right away, the wait was not long at all. And neither was the ferry ride. I would normally be the first to rush to a spot that would have a good view of the city, but having been to the Centre Island enough times, I felt that this time I would just let myself enjoy the ride and not worry about taking pictures of the view.

Even though we had initially planned to go to the island specifically for the maze, we didn’t rush to the maze immediately. Instead, we strolled around, sat around, listened to music and talked amongst each other. We really just took in all the nature that was around us and truly enjoyed the sun beaming over our heads.

Eventually we made it to the maze and this was the first time for most of us. It wasn’t as elaborate as I had imagined it to be and once inside, it did not take us too long to find our way to the centre. We were being silly and yelling “Marco! Polo!” to see where everyone was in the maze. We started by taking different routes but of course crossed paths at some point and decided to do the maze together.

There was a lot of people running around, mostly kids. They really got to enjoy the full experience since they are so tiny and cannot see over the maze walls. If the maze was a bit more elaborate then I feel even us adults would have really enjoyed it. Nonetheless, it was something to do and it was fun because some of us were just really bad at figuring it out.

On our way back from the maze and towards the ferry, we stopped at a few different places and just enjoyed ourselves. The sun was setting so the timing was just perfect, but the line up to the ferry was extensive! Instead, we did something none of us has ever done before, we hopped on to the Water Taxi which was $10 per person. It was a much smaller boat with few sports to sit. It was very cute. Us and a few others got on and we took off way before the ferry left the docks.

No regrets. The ride was smooth and amazing. I never felt so free on a boat before. The view was phenomenal. The sun was setting and the city was glowing. We even caught an airplane landing into the sunset on our way back. The timing was everything!

One down, seven more to go from the end of summer bucket list! Let’s see if I can make them happen!


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