Impromptu Killarney Trip

It’s been a while since this trip took place, but it has ever since been one of my favourite trips down memory lane. I revisit the pictures quite often and thanks to my friend Ashok, a wonderful photographer, I can literally relive every moment through the pictures.

This was at the beginning of September 2014. I was studying for one of my courses and around 10pm I knocked out. Two hours later, I was awoken by my friends who were so excited to leave for a spontaneous road trip to Killarney Provincial Park.

Mind you, Killarney is a good five-hour drive from downtown Toronto. It was midnight when we left and I was in no mood to leave. But once we arrived, we waited for the perfect time before we began our hike to the top of the lookout. We wanted to catch the sunrise.

The view was so rewarding. The sun was so bright! It was a spectacular view. The trees were an array of different colours. and the lake was so clear you could see all the way through it!

We were only there for a couple of hours, we had no plan to stay any longer. Because it was such a last minute trip, we all had things to do the next day, responsibilities and what not, so we decided to go and come back the same day. Travel time was a big factor because we would lose half the day just driving there and back. Either way, it was definitely worth it!

Enjoy this collection throwback! (Photo Credit: Ashok Suresh [mostly])

What was a spontaneous trip that you took that you do or do not regret taking? Comment below and tell me all about it!





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