All You Can Make

If you love something, teach it to a friend.

I believe the most rewarding part of a true and healthy friendship is when you learn new things from each other. This allows you, not only to explore new ideas and activities together but, to grow together. Almost two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of dining in with my friends Shevani and Hassan and they taught me something yummy and exciting! They taught me how to make sushi at home! It was a messy and absolutely fun experience. At first, I was skeptical at my own skills, but when we started forming the rolls and cutting them into pieces, they looked so perfect! And they tasted absolutely delicious and fresh. Below I will try to recall all the steps we took to ensure this first experience was the best experience!


I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking: “Okay, they definitely used a sushi bazooka,” because that’s what I thought initially as well! But I was pleasantly surprised to know that we would be rolling the sushi ingredients together with our own hands. Because my friends had made it numerous times before, they knew what they were doing, and they also knew what ingredients we needed – things that I never thought about like rice vinegar and a bamboo sushi rolling mat.

We met up and started to prepare all the ingredients. I believe this is the most time consuming part of making sushi. You have to be very patient when cutting up all the ingredients in slim pieces to fill the roll. The best part about this is that you don’t have to follow any sort of “method” in what you put in the roll. You can choose to put as little or as many ingredients as your roll will allow. We opted for salmon, shrimp and crab meat, along with avocado, cucumber, mangos and smoked salmon cream cheese. Once you gather up all the ingredients, you’re almost done and headed to the fun part – making the sushi rolls.


You place a layer of sticky rice flat on the seaweed paper then you add the ingredients on top and roll away. You do have to be careful and not rush the process, otherwise your roll might fall apart or break. Once your roll is secure, you can start cutting big enough pieces (it’s very important that you use a sharp knife).

I recommend this experience to all sushi lovers! Don’t forget to add your favourite spicy mayo or flavoured cream cheese, and dip in soy sauce and your choice of spice for an explosive taste.



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