High[er] Park

Unlike the last time my friend and I visited High Park, this time we focused more on the park itself than the zoo within the park. We parked in a different area and walked around. We went on a Monday, thinking it would be less crowded. It seemed like everyone had the same idea because it was very crowded!

What was special this time around since the last time we went was that there was cherry blossoms blooming all around the park – hence the crowd. In fact, the blooming of the trees was highly advertised all around Toronto. Not only at High Park but also at Trinity Bellwoods Park. It was nicer to go at the beginning of spring because everything was freshly budding and the sun was beaming, giving a nice warm feeling, despite the chilly draft.

I definitely recommend you pay them a visit as soon as possible because they’re at their peak blooming time right about now!

If you didn’t know: The Sakura Project established these trees in Toronto and they can also be seen in other places around Toronto like the UofT Scarborough campus and the CNE.

Some pictures below are courtesy of Shevani Ganesh and random strangers wielding DSLRs  at the park that we scoped out!

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