Cousins at Colchester Beach

The older I get the more I realize the importance of family. Being an immigrant family and the first from both our parents’ side to move abroad, our immediate family was almost all we had growing up. I say almost because we did have and still do have family all over North America and we are blessed to have them spread out so much. Over the years this has allowed us to travel as a large family with (relative) ease because we had and still have blood relatives in major parts of the continent.

When I was younger the idea of family was limited to one or two extended members of my parents’ families who lived near us and my immediate sisters and brother. Because of this limited family exposure our parents consistently emphasized the importance of having so many siblings (I am one of seven siblings). Although we may not have appreciated it when we were younger, over the years, we have come to realize how fortunate we are to have each other.

A consistent part in our upbringing is my mom’s cousin (mamu) and his family who has lived the closest to us since our move to Canada. In fact, prior to and even a few years following his marriage our mamu used to live in Windsor as well. After some time the family moved to Toronto which is relatively close to Windsor. My cousins are not much younger than my youngest siblings so they have always been exposed to a little bit more extended family than my older sisters and I.

Anytime spent with them is a blessing and I realize that more and more as we all grow older. On their most recent visit to Windsor, we visited a beach nearby called Colchester Beach. It is about a half hour drive from South Windsor. One of my sisters had been here before with her friends so she suggested the place. Because it was still chilly out, we didn’t go to the sandy part but instead roamed around at the marina nearby, soaked up some sun, took a few pictures and relaxed on the rocks by the water. It was really quiet when we arrived with almost no one in sight which made for a peaceful and private visit. I gather on a warmer day there are more things to do at Colchester Beach but to experience that we might revisit another time.

I think she wanted me to follow her.. #nothanks

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