Thora Zara

I learned just last year that the popular clothing brand Zara, is not pronounced “za-ra” but in fact, “dzha-da (Click the link to hear the brand communication representative pronounce Zara). Hard to wrap your tongue around that one if your first and only language is English. But I think you can manage if you learn how to combine the throat and tongue sounds together.

Well now that you know the second half of that alien title, let me tell you the other half. I decided to go with the word thora because in my language (Urdu), thora means, “a little bit”. Phonetically, it sounded good next to the complicated zara, which probably made you wonder whether I had forgotten English for a minute. By the way, zara also means “a little bit” in Urdu and it’s also a female name, but it is pronounced how it’s written. Languages are so much fun!

Since my move to Toronto I have been obsessed with Zara, however, it’s been a healthy obsession. I go there every now and then, browse and probably leave with at least one item. The reason I love Zara so much more over other brands is because of its consistency in unique yet trendy clothing. As well, if you go on a good day, you will find some really good things for a decent price.

I had a wedding to go to this summer and I wanted to wear something that was easy, breezy, comfortable and stylish. I knew with those categories in mind, Zara would not fail me. I took one look through the website, and I found exactly what I had in mind. I wanted something long with sleeves, and I wanted it to be an A-line dress since my trouble area at the moment is my hips. A-line dresses look better on women who have a relatively narrower frame from shoulders to waist than the bottom half of their bodies. The A-line accentuates the smallest part of the body, which in my case is my waist.

For the wedding, I wore the shirt-dress completely buttoned up, with the exception of the buttons closer to the collar. I wore it with a pair of chunky black heel sandals and a set of bright yellow earrings, which I purchased last summer from J.Crew. Because the dress has a collar, it limits your choice of statement jewelry. I tried a few choker necklaces but they seemed to be either too much, or too little for the dress. In terms of colour, you have a lot of freedom with this dress because there is almost every colour in the dress; none of which are overpowering.

At another time, I was running late for a family dinner (hence the night-time pictures), so I grabbed the same shirt-dress and wore it with a pair of blue jeans and the same black chunky heel sandals. I kept the bottom half of the dress unbuttoned and wore a black leather strap watch. Since it was just a dinner, I decided to keep it simple with no added jewelry. While driving to the venue, I slipped on my black and white slip-on shoes and it was an effortlessly comfortable look.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Getting inspired from my rushed car appearance, I decided to test this dress out with the sneaker and dress trend that has been on the rise for quite some time now and I felt effortlessly fashionable. The dress itself is quite simple that it welcomes almost any combination of colour and style. I have imagined that it would look just as stylish with a pair of bright slides, bright pink or nude pumps and all white Converse. You can also choose to wear it as a cardigan to any solid colour or monochrome outfit.

This long striped and floral shirt-dress from Zara is still available for purchase in most sizes in Canada. I found it to be such a versatile piece. I received so many compliments from people no matter which way I wore it.

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