Sprucewood Shores

Sticking to my theme of exploring your own backyard, (see also: My Own Backyard and Let the Flowers Touch Your Soul) I decided one day when I found myself with a clear schedule to go on a hunt for a hidden treasure nearby. My visit to the Ambassador Golf Club for a friend’s wedding made me realize that there are a lot more scenic and serene locations in southern Ontario that I am unaware of, let alone have visited; places to soul search, get inspired, and relax the mind and body.

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I didn’t have to search too long or hard for this location. I forget what I typed to pull this up on Google but this place wasn’t too far from Windsor and it looked absolutely peaceful in the pictures on their website. It’s called Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery. Even though it is a winery, we visited after it was closed for the day and so it ended up becoming a very exclusive visit for us. We didn’t explore the vineyards themselves because we were simply taken aback by the location. The lake was perfect and the pond nearby was so relaxing. We were truly the only ones in the area. It felt like we were in our own backyard.

There was a dock on the lake and although I was skeptical about us being able to go on it, we still went and sat down and enjoyed the view. You know when you look off in the distance at flowing water and you feel like you’re moving with the water? That feeling is so humbling. There were no signs that asked us to stay off, so we figured no harm was done.

After some time soaking up the sun and looking out into the deep lake water, we got up and started to make our way off the docks. As soon as we reached the end, we were greeted by a not-so-happy old man. He told us that we shouldn’t be on the dock because it’s private property. He said something along the lines of, “well, you don’t think the winery owns a boat do you?” To be honest, we didn’t really think much at all besides “well, there isn’t a sign that says “NO TRESPASSING”, so we’re good”. But he didn’t give us a hard time, we apologized and made our way back towards the pond at the winery.

So I wouldn’t really call this a trip to the winery because truly we didn’t do anything besides explore the area for ourselves. It was still a fun trip and worth the views. Where have you gone recently that took your breath away? Comment below and let me know! Maybe i’ll go check it out soon!

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